Friday, October 23, 2015

Why is Apple being Crediting of creating other's things?

As posted in this makeuseof article (, I can't believe all the things that Apple is being credited of.  One of the things I can contest to, touchscreen phones.  Really?  They invented these?  I've had a Palm Pilot way before these iPhones were released.  Even before iPod touches were released.  My Palm Pilot might not have had a phone on it, but at the time, I sure enough new that there were ones out there with a phone, and I knew someone who owned one.  Also, I have been using Skype way before facetime.  Skype is also much better video chat software because it is MULTIPLATFORM.  Not everyone has an Apple device.  Not everyone buys into the cult like mentality of Apple.  Before you say that Apple invented it, check your sources, because they probably did not.  I do not understand why people don't do that and just credit Apple for creating everything.  This is exactly why Apple has that cult like mentality to it.

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