Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Bernie Sanders - Taxing You!

How can we vote for people like this?  Bernie Sanders is a socialist, he's admitted it himself.  In these socialist countries, they have "free" education and "free" healthcare.  In reality, these things are paid for by taxes, not just taxing the rich, but taxing everyone.  With this, the poor will become even poorer, because they will also be hit by these taxes as much as anyone else, not just the rich will be taxed.  Also, with raising the minimum wage, will raise product prices.  This has been done in these socialist countries, it has been done all over.  If you raise minimum wage, nothing will change, there will be people still struggling out there, you may have raised minimum wage, but with these taxes for free healthcare and free education, businesses will raise their prices for their products to be able to pay for worker's wages.  They will raise their prices for their products to be able to pay their taxes.  So if you raise this minimum wage and raising the price of goods, what good will that do you in the end?  People who are making minimum wage won't be able to afford more things, it'll still be the same amount because prices are going to be higher for everything. 

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