Monday, August 15, 2016

Phelps Mario

Mario Mario, Luigi Mario, and now the new addition, Phelps Mario.  Someone put Mario sound effects in the Michael Phelps Olympics race.  Check it out here!  This is excellent work!

Google Fuchsia

Computerworld has listed some information about Google's project Fuchsia that is in the works.  The way they wrote the article sounds like that this new project from Google is very much like another companies product.  This company is Microsoft with Windows 10.  This Fuchsia is said to run on a variety of hardware from "embedded systems to desktops and laptops".  The way they put this, it sounds like it's going to be Windows 10 like in manner.  Windows 10 was designed to run on a variety of hardware as well.  There is a version for embedded systems like the raspberry pi, there is one for phones, one for desktops, laptops, and tablets, and one for the Xbox One.  Especially now with the Windows 10 anniversary update out, making Windows 10 better on touch friendly devices, it's even more friendly on multiple devices.  If you are interested in reading the original computerworld article, feel free to check out the link below.

Friday, August 12, 2016

College and More

My name is Adam.  I am 23 years old.  I  am still living with my parents.  I've attended Des Moines Area community college for two years, earning an associates degree in Information Technology Network Administration and attended Iowa State University for a few years as well.  Due to a recent a recent job loss, my dad's job took us to Indiana, and I came along with as I do not have the cash to support myself on my own yet.  This did not let me complete my bachelors degree at Iowa State University.  However, due to a recent family illness (cancer), this led us to being in Indiana earlier than what we planned.  I am starting to look for a job, but it is tough, especially with no job experience and very little people you can use as references.  I am also just learning how to drive and have a fear of driving.  This also makes it hard to get a job as well.  As I am looking for a job, any extra help for paying off my loans is definetly appreciated.  Even if the help is with a job, advice, or a little help with money, all the help is greatly appreciated and I will return the favor.  You can visit my website at and find ways to contact me there or you can contact me through gofundme.
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